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[Monday 7:36pm October 31st]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I haven't updated in ages.
Theres not much to say I'm over this journal thing.
I love life.
I love to drive.
I love my friends.
The best are Sara Casi and Lindsey!

I want to be a pickle.

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KSHFLSKFSD [Monday 7:37pm October 3rd]

love alicia
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dfg [Sunday 9:31am August 28th]
[ mood | awake ]

yeah i'm alive...


[Sunday 9:43pm July 17th]

best away msg msg everCollapse )

ahhhhh!!! little me!! [Thursday 11:06am July 14th]
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have i ever told you who my favorite motions are?! [Monday 5:02pm July 11th]
[ mood | hot ]

Casi-the best friend i never asked for but got.. damn serendipity. love you moer than anything, cept my daddy, boys, peanut butter, shopping, music, my dog, my cat, my house, my car, my camera... JUST KIDDING you are up there!!

bre-the sister i never wanted. enough said. lve you

Karissa- you don't read this i don't have to say anything other than i love youuuu and yu are the bestt

SARA-DONT CALL ME A BEE HEAD!! I CANT SAY ENOUGH AND I CANT SAY IT LOUD ENOUGH. you are one of my bestest seriously we have so many insides and shit i can't get enough of you!

Regina- the whole reason I use the word motion. SCORE. ;) spread the awarness<3

matty B- True friend right there best ever seriously i can count on you to give me the honest answer. I love exchanging jams with you!!

Jesse Wayne- my one and only BITCH. best best friends we have to work on it again i remember when i couldnt go a day without talking to you.

Audrey- greatttt. mad rad to the end.

Adam- fucking black man eating a potatoe chip. too bad you can't trip for shit. just kidding. bro+sis=forever

CHICA AKa nikki p- best ever i understand you, you understand me.. love youuuu

KANKAN- my only oneeeeeeeee!! best fuckin azn nukka there is <3 word

jess g- i missssss you!! and i want pizza again like NOW. much love xoxox

blah blah blah and everyone else its too hottttttttttt to type now
((whoa man i'm getting excited))


best inside joke in the world [Sunday 11:12pm July 10th]
[ mood | content ]

Alicia: hello bride
Casi J: hello groom
Alicia: how are you
Casi J: anxious for the honeymoon how are u dear?
Alicia: preparing my vows
Casi J: awesome.. you will love mine
Alicia: awsome
Alicia: haha we are corny :-D
Casi J: i know my pookie wookie dookie shmookie
Alicia: aww cuddly bunny snuggles i told you not to call me that
Casi J: im sorry i just cant help myself
Alicia: thats okay how was the bacholorette party
Casi J: awesome.. we had sooo much fun. we even had a stripper! how was the bachelor party hun?
Alicia: it was classy, a few drinks my closest friends and couple dozen strippers.
Alicia: i mean a couple as in two
Alicia: not two dozen jsut two
Casi J: haha you are soo cute when you are tired
Alicia: yeah snuggly bunny this is getting so creepy
Casi J: lol i know

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[Friday 1:29pm July 1st]
[ mood | hungry ]

i'm sitting here eating a cookie with chocolate.. and i dont like chocolate

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[Wednesday 8:59pm June 29th]
[ mood | jaded ]

I have a barrier up. I give up on guys. This summer I don't want to like anyone. I like them then they don't understand me, get mad, and then like my friends. Oh well thats life. Today I had complications with my mom and I found i had no'one to call. Whatever eff boys eff relationships eff you.

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[Saturday 9:36pm June 18th]
[ mood | loved ]

Capandra Jamstam Is my BESTESTESTSTSETESTSETSETEST friend in the whole world and I LOVE HER!!
<333 always o-lisha mcdougal

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[Saturday 5:59pm June 11th]
[ mood | in pain ]

Yeah we got into a car accident yesterday... it was bad

breaks locked up

causing the car to spin out

did about 1 and a half spins..hit the wall that was on the right side of the road

with the driver's side of the car....

right side of the road...left side of the car

the car was facing the opposite direction as the car was going when we hit the wall the 1st time

then spun

at least one full time and ended up with

the rear end through a stone wall


[Saturday 3:37pm April 16th]
[ mood | exhausted ]

I just am tired of this.
I've had enough.


[Thursday 5:08pm March 17th]
[ mood | stressed ]

This is for all the people who think that they aren't worth much.  This is for the people who make our lives easier day by day.  This is for the people who make my life harder as I go on.  This is for the people who let me be who I am.  This is for the people who are yet to meet me.  This is for the people who don't know where their true love it yet.  This is for the people that just broke up.  This is for the people who among all people have touched someones heart dearly.  This is for the people who just can't bring themselves to tell the truth.  This is for the people I've fought with.  This is for the people above all people who have became who they truly want to be.  This is for the people who wake up and realize they need the better grades, they need to get rid of some friends, they need to go to church, they need to be commited to life, they need to just freak out for once and say GET OUT OF MY FACE!  This is for the people who don't know me, who know me, who treasure every moment with me, who hate every moment with me.  This is for the people who just can't figure out what they did wrong with life, and just need a helping hand.   Your not alone, you can't be afriad, you can't back down.  Just go on. 

                                                                       Just go on...

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whoa [Wednesday 7:07pm February 9th]
[ mood | sick ]

"Stay Now"

Daylight comes, daylight comes
And you've gotta go
Breaks my heart, breaks my heart
To have to watch you go
Wish I knew, wish I knew
When you'll be back again
However long, it's just too long
Until we meet again

Stay now, stay now
Just a little more
Coz this love, this love
Is what living's for
Stay now

Hide in bed, sheets overhead
Blocking out the sun
Feel like we are marooned at sea
Away from everyone
And I, I hate to say goodbye
I, want you to touch me one more time

Stay now, stay now
Just a little more
Coz this love, this love
Is what living's for
Stay now, stay now
Just a little more
Coz this love, this love
Is what living's for
Stay now
Stay now
Stay now


ps.. i want input abt what i wrote below like what did you think when you read it?

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Alot... [Sunday 2:16pm February 6th]
[ mood | calm ]

      I know several times before I have said that I have almost completely figured out alot of things, but I know I haven't.  Everyday you do learn something else that is supposed help you out.  Its like you have to start comprehending every little peice of life before you put them all together and say, 'here this is what i know...'  its not usually like that.  My mom and I got into a huge fight today and she figured oh Alicia may be doing this Alicia may be doing that but the thing is I wasn't and what i wanted her to learn was the fact that I'm not like every other teen out there my angst has a different source.  She wanted to get through to me that I should stop feeling so guilty about everything everyone else does, and that I don't always have to solve their problems because mine don't get solved in the process.  You may be the child, you may be the adult but you have to realize that you will learn things from the other one all the time.  I learned that I shouldn't really hold anything against anyone because I don't know if they feel guilty about it or not.  My mom learns from me things that she didn't know, like how to deal with certain people.  We sort of run off each other.  There is no way of really actually like blocking out your parents, because you live by their mistakes and you feed off them like they are your own.  That way you know not to do those things and even if you do you take a step back and say whoa look I was wrong.  I've always said that my parents weren't friends to me but like they aren't supposed to they won't close their eyes to you and say go do what you want.  Some of my limitations are stupid like no makeup, and no dating, but I've learned to cope and in that way I grew out of the stages I went through.  Without dating I really didn't have to explain myself to someone when I went through that whole stupid stage of depression, it made me realize I can do things alone.  Life doesn't need crutches.  You'll have friends that are there for you NO MATTER WHAT, but then you have the ones who are having their own problems and then blow you off after you've helped them and its like you were left there to drown.  Your parents and your siblings are the things that will always be there.  They can't really leave you they are forced to be there.  Life was set out so perfectly, man and woman, brother and sister.  You were essentially meant to be. 


nothing [Saturday 7:11pm February 5th]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Went to the mall with Casi yesterday saw this goregous ring and Dean and Nick got them for us yay im excited. mhmm and now im bored and stuff and saw some pics from last night that really hurt me like my heart broke idk why but yeah. bye now «««aliciaººººººººººº


[Thursday 2:39pm February 3rd]
[ mood | excited ]

so basically im...
father sides
my mothers

wicked awsome combo :)

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just cas my name is alicia... and i wrote this [Tuesday 3:03pm February 1st]
[ mood | cold ]

I've got a gun to your head

Soon I'll make you go

Please don't do it, for i love you so...

I've got a gun to your head

Don't worry you wont be alone

I'll go with you

I've got a gun to your head

Please just let go...

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[Sunday 7:00pm January 30th]
[ mood | content ]

you used to lie to me then say goodbye to me i turned ur picture to the wall i dont wanna see you anymore...


[Friday 1:27pm January 28th]
[ mood | creative ]

I call her phone just to hear her voice.
I call her name wishing she would answer.
I stay out longer to see if I'll get in trouble.
I scream outloud to see if I'll get yelled back at.
I question outloud and hope for an answer.
I play the message just to know what bad I've done.
I touch her photo dry a silent tear.
I whisper her song maybe she will hear.

yeah i'm in this icky mood wrote that just now.  i really feel bad abt not being with my mom anymore but im not sure what i can do about it.  im such abrat for making her do that.  i cant blame her she was worried =/

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